We Have Moved Locations

We are now located at 881 Embarcadero Drive in El Dorado Hills!

After many years with our old location next to the Purple Place, the time has finally come to upgrade to a new Barber Shop in El Dorado Hills. We are now located at 881 Embarcadero Drive in El Dorado Hills, CA 95762, next to the El Dorado Saloon and the EDH brewery. Come by and check out our new location in the Embarcadero center in El Dorado Hills. With many new features to be excited about, the new location is going be our new home to better serve our loyal customers in El Dorado Hills for years to come.

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Our Grand Opening Was a Blast!

Our grand opening was a blast! We had a great time hanging out with all our Friends and family that stopped by the barber shop. We thank you El Dorado Hills for your continued support over the years and many years to come. We are now located in the heart of El Dorado Hills and with much better parking and a bigger barber shop, we hope to see you all very soon! Take a look at the photographs taken of our recent grand opening event in the Embarcadero center near the El Dorado Saloon in El Dorado Hills.

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