Barber Tips from World Famous Barber Jon’s

Barber Tips from World Famous Barber Jon's

Barber Tips from World Famous Barber Jon’s

Follow these Tips from World Famous Barber Jon’s in El Dorado Hills, CA

For men who are looking for stunning hair cuts in El Dorado Hills, you have come to the right place. Barber Jon specializes in Mens Hair Cuts, Mens Shaves and Mens Beard Trimming. Contact Barber Jon’s today if you are looking for a Hair Cut or Style.

Neck Trim

Get a neck trim before a date or meeting. It only takes a few minutes. Your barber can clean up your neck and sideburns between haircuts. Having a well groomed neck line looks polished and clean without looking like you got a haircut just for the occasion.

For Men with Normal Hair

For men with normal hair, try not to wash your hair too often. Start with skipping one day, then two, and so on until you find the right schedule that keeps your hair looking great. When cleansing any hair type, speak with your barber about the most appropriate shampoo and conditioner for you hair texture, density and porosity as well as any specific scalp concerns or conditions.

What is a Nape?

The nape will always grow faster than the rest of the haircut; ask your barber to taper your neckline so it will grow out more gracefully and buy you a few more days between cuts. However, if you prefer a block hairline at your nape, we are happy to give you a great cleanup between haircuts. Both style are tremendously handsome.

Don’t use really hot water when you shower, especially if you already have a dry scalp. It will aggravate an already dry scalp.